New Journeys Model

New Journeys began in Washington State in 2015 as a shared decision making treatment model between coordinated specialty care centers and youth and young adults experiencing first-episode psychosis. Since then the program has expanded to many counties across the state, with more sites being opened every year to address the needs of those requiring assistance with early intervention for psychosis.

If you choose to enter the program, you have the opportunity to receive wrap-around services for education and employment, individual resiliency therapy (IRT) family psycho-therapy, and medication management, all of which are described below. The shared decision making aspect of the program allows for you and the clinicians to work together to set goals and create an action plan to achieve these goals. The program believes that it is just as important to focus on your strengths and building your resiliency as it is to treat the negative aspects of psychosis. New Journeys' goal is that when you graduate from the program you are not only in the recovery phase of psychosis, but are confident in your abilities to live a fulfilling life.


Components of New Journeys


Individual Resiliency Training

You will work through modules and identify your strengths and resiliency factors to recover from psychosis as well as develop coping mechanisms for relapse.


Employment & Education

You will work one-on-one with a specialist to achieve your goals for school and careers.


Medication Management

You will work with a medication provider and reach the right balance of medication to establish wellness.


Family Education

Families will gain the skills and knowledge to support their loved one through psychosis, while learning their own coping mechanisms.


Case Management

You may have the opportunity to work with a case manager who will assist you with goals outside of the other components of New Journeys.


Peer Support

You may have the opportunity to work with a peer specialist, who is in recovery, for additional support and to discuss any personal recovery barriers you may be encountering

Make a Referral

New Journeys is for youth and adults between the ages of 15 to 40 years old. The person should have experienced psychotic symptoms for more than or equal to 1 week and less than or equal to 2 years. If this describes you or a loved one, and you need assistance finding care in Washington State, please complete the form below and staff will direct your inquiries to your nearest New Journeys provider.

New Journeys Referral Form

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