What is New Journeys

 New Journeys started in Washington State in 2015 in Yakima county as an early intervention program using a shared-decision making model between coordinated specialty care centers and youth and young adults experiencing their first episode of psychosis. Since that time the program has grown to have locations in 9 counties and has served over 200 youth, young adults and their families, with more sites being opened every year to address the needs of those requiring assistance with early intervention for pyschosis. New Journeys practices measurement-based care where consumers periodically complete surveys such as the Patient Health Questionnaire 9 (PHQ-9), Generalized Anxiety Disorder 7 (GAD-7), and the Community Assessment of Psychic Experiences - Positive 15-items Scale (CAPE-P15) and clinicians utilize the scores of these surveys to inform care. Consumers are offered wrap-around services in medication management, education and employment, individual resiliency therapy, and peer support. The consumers of New Journeys drive their care by developing goals for themselves in partnership with their clinicians and the achievement of these goals are what helps inform when a consumer is healthy enough to graduate from services.

New Journeys Model

Consumers who choose to enter the program have the opportunity to receive wrap-around services for education and employment, individual resiliency therapy (IRT) family psycho-therapy, and medication management, all of which are described below. The shared decision making aspect of the program allows for the consumers and clinicians to work together to set goals and set an action plan to achieve these goals. The program believes that it is just as important to focus on the strengths of the consumers and building their resiliency as it is to treat the negative aspects of psychosis. New Journeys' goal is that when consumers graduate from the program they are not only in the recovery phase of psychosis, but are confident in their abilities to live fulfilling lives.


"My experience with New Journeys was life changing. My schizophrenia was really bad before I came to New Journeys, it was so bad that I tried to commit suicide. But, now that I've been going to  New Journeys I'm not suicidal anymore. I won an award for best mentally improved thanks to New Journeys and I'm better than before I went to New Journeys."

"New Journeys means an extra opportunity at something important"

"My goal is to work with animals in the medical field. If i hadn't gotten diagnosed, medicated, or hadn't had the support of New Journeys, I would likely not be able to pursue my goal to the place I want to be. Their support is invaluable to me."

New Journeys is "to live independently without the trials of mental illness. To be strong in the face of adversity."

"New Journeys has helped me put my life and my mind in perspective and got me ready for the work force in a crucial time of need for myself."

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New Journeys program is for individuals between the ages of 15 to 40 years old who have recently (more than 1 week or less than 2 years) started experiencing psychotic symptoms.


If this describes you or someone you care about, please download our referral form and reach out to your nearest New Journeys program by visiting the New Journeys Locations page.

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